Welcome to the Walburger Family History website

Welcome to the Walburger Family History website. We hope that this will become the place to find anything and everything that you might want to know about the Walburger family, from our origins to the present. The website includes a photo gallery, family history e-books, a family blog, an events listing, and much more.

Photo Gallery: A place to upload and download historical pictures. If you have an old picture that others might like copies of, this is the place to post it! We hope that this photo gallery will be the place to find photos of ancestors and the places they lived.

Family Histories: In the Walburger Histories you will find information and stories about ancestors and living family members. If you are part of the Walburger family you can add information about your family, add links to your family blog, tell us what you're doing - all the information about living people is password protected. We hope the family will add content and keep it current.

Family Blog: This is the place to ask questions about genealogy research and coordinate efforts. You can make suggestions about virtually anything, including family reunion ideas.

More to Come: We will add more options and content as ideas and interest grow!

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